Swing l’été Indien (SLI) 2019

Swing l’Été Indien (SLI 2019) c’est un événement swing où le plaisir de la danse passe par la découverte de différents styles. Cette année le Balboa, le Lindy Hop et le Blues sont à l’honneur. 

C’est le grandiose Daniel Repsch qui nous partagera son savoir accompagné de danseurs professionnels de Québec tel que Dominique Blouin (Balboa) et Gaétan Grondin (Blues).

Daniel voyage à travers le monde pour l’enseignement de la danse. Il s’exprime en anglais et en français. Ne manquez pas cette occasion en or de suivre des ateliers avec lui.

Tous nos ateliers sont non-genrés (offerts dans le rôle que vous désirez pratiquer peu importe votre sexe) ou en ambidanse (les deux rôles) si vous le désirez. C’est tu pas beau la vie!

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VENDREDI (SOIR) 11 OCTOBRE – Balboa intermédiaire

19h à 21h – Communication Clues
Social Balboa dances are often an improvisation created in the moment with another person. For that to happen smoothly, there must be some form of communication between the lead and follow. In this class, we’ll identify some of our communication tools and refine how we use them. We’ll then use this knowledge to find new ways to improvise and show how follows can influence the dance. (Daniel & Dominique)

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SAMEDI (AM) 12 OCTOBRE – Lindy Hop débutant / intermédiaire

9h00 – Swing Out!
The most iconic movement in all of Lindy Hop. There are many ways to swing out, and in this class we’ll use variations to highlight ideas and techniques in different parts of the move. (Daniel)

10h00 – Swingin’ Song Textures
From “Tea for Two” to “Jump Through the Window”, the music we swing to offers a wide variety of sounds. By applying different textures, we’ll find ways for leads and follows to change the overall look and feel of the dance to better match the current song. (Daniel)

11h00 – Pulse Connection
There are different ways to connect to a partner in Lindy Hop! In this class, we’ll explore what it feels like to communicate primarily through our pulse. We’ll start by getting the feel of this style of movement, and then see what new options this opens to inspire our social dancing. (Daniel)

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SAMEDI (PM) 12 OCTOBRE – Lindy Hop intermédiaire / avancé

13h00 – Jammin’ in Closed
As Lindy Hoppers we often only spend a short time in closed position. But what if we stayed longer and developed our ideas? We’ll give you plenty of tools to be creative in this position, including shape ideas, footwork variations, and maybe a turn or two. (Daniel)

14h00 – Swingin Sounds and Rhythms
Let’s think of our movement as an instrument in the band! We’ll start by listening to a song and finding different ways to build our own musical riffs. With that in mind, we’ll find the ways we can translate those sounds into dance ideas that we can share with our partner. (Daniel)

15h00 – Acceleration and Deceleration
Maintaining a consistent tempo is great, but let’s add dynamic range to the dance! We’ll find places where we can speed things up or slow them down. (Daniel)

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DIMANCHE (PM) 13 OCTOBRE – Blues intermédiaire

13h00 – Rhythms Through the Body
Two great things about Blues are the variety of rhythms, and the many ways we can articulate them in the body. This class combines both of those! We’ll choose a series of accents and rhythms and show several ways to dance each, sometimes as a led and followed variation, and sometimes as an individual choice. (Daniel & Gaétan)

14h00 – Elements of Deeper Listening
Often the most inspired, exciting social dances come not from fancy moves, but from listening deeper to the song and taking your ideas directly from that. We’ll dig into a variety of music to hear what’s really going on and what that means for the elements of our dance. From there we’ll look at how our musical choices can impact the dance in several specific contexts. (Daniel & Gaétan)

15h00 – Embracing the Blues
The chest-to-chest Embrace position can be a lot of fun, but it can be a challenge too. We’ll refine our partnered connection, and show how to easily pass into and out of it. Then we’ll try out a few moves that touch on different aspects of the Embrace connection. (Daniel & Gaétan)

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TOUS LES ATELIERS du VENDREDI, SAMEDI & DIMANCHE (11h d’ateliers) – Prix 150$ txs incluses

TOUS LES ATELIERS du VENDREDI – Balboa (2h d’ateliers Inter.) – Prix 40$ txs incluses

TOUS LES ATELIERS du SAMEDI – Lindy Hop (6h d’ateliers Déb./Inter./Av.) – Prix 90$ txs incluses

TOUS LES ATELIERS du DIMANCHE – Ateliers Blues (3h d’ateliers Inter.) – Prix 50$ txs incluses

LES ATELIERS du SAMEDI (AM) – Lindy Hop (3h d’ateliers Déb./Inter.) – Prix 50$ txs incluses

LES ATELIERS du SAMEDI (PM) – Lindy Hop (3h d’ateliers Inter./Av.) – Prix 50$ txs incluses

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